Wealthy Wolf Club

7,777 Wealthy Wolves Minting on Ethereum

Minting Starts on December 15

How Can I Be A Part?

We love to hear that question!!! The founders are looking to bring on 7,777 unique Wealthy Wolves. Every Wealthy Wolf is different from another. But they are all beautiful in their own way. 7,777 might sound crazy. Now compare it to the number of individuals in the universe. We don´t even know a number for that. So they might be sold out faster than you think.
Minting price will be 0.01 ETH.

What is the Wealthy Wolf Club?

The Wealthy Wolf Club is a collection of 7,777 Wealthy Wolf NFTs – unique collectibles living on the ethereum blockchain. Your Wealthy Wolf grants access to members-only benefits. Every owner of at least one Wealthy Wolf will be invited to special upcoming events. Our goal is to help the society become better, healthier and wealthier! Besides having a great time as a community together.

Our Roadmap

PHASE 1 – Pre Minting 77 NFTs

Before the public launch, we will pre-mint 50 random Wealthy Wolf NFTs for our team and for the promotion of this project, through giveaways. The most active community members can be rewarded with an NFT or ETH through our proof of attendance protocol. We also have an invite-tracker which tracks how many people you invited to join our community. Whoever invites the most people, that also stay and are active, will also win a NFT.

PHASE 2 – Public Minting and Buybacks

10% Minted – 2,5 ETH Giveaway to 5 lucky Wealthy Wolf holders

20% Minted – 5 ETH buyback to raise the floor price

30% Minted – 10 ETH Giveaway to 10 lucky Wealthy Wolf holders

50% Minted – 5 Special Edition Wolves will be airdropped to 5 holders

60% Minted – 15 ETH buyback to raise the floor price

75% Minted – 15 ETH Giveaway to 10 lucky Wealthy Wolf holders

90% Minted – 20 ETH buyback to raise the floor price

100% Minted – 50 ETH donation to 4 charities (12,5 ETH each)

PHASE 3 – Donation

Your voice matters! The lucky charities will be chosen by our community.

PHASE 4 – Giving everything back to you!

We are going to buy land and real estate in Decentraland. Every Wealthy Wolf owner can benefit buy land from us, cheaper than otherwise.

If you don´t have a dope character for the Metaverse, we will provide every Wealthy Wolf owner with their own Wealthy Wolf as a 3D NFT character to use in the Metaverse. They will cost about 0.1 ETH.

We are currently working on our play-to-earn blockchain NFT game. It is made by a small team of our 5 experienced game designers, which all worked and are still working in the gaming industry for at least 5 years.

We will officially open our Merch Shop which includes lots of different clothing pieces and each NFT as a custom 3D figure. We will give back 100% of the revenue made from the merch to our community. Either through NFTs, Buyback campaigns, money directly into your bank account or into your crypto-wallet. We will allow crypto currency payments as well as buying via PayPal with fiat money.

About 2 weeks after we sold all NFTs, we will publish our own comic book series. The comics will be made in cooperation with many other successful NFT collections. If the comic is really successful, we are thinking on making the comics into a movie universe, including even more other collections, like the Marvel universe. But that is just a dream for now.

The story of the Wealthy Wolves

Once upon a time there was a pack of wolves which met the human species. Since then they got integrated into the society. The wolves worked a lot. Sadly, the jobs were paid poorly and the working conditions were bad as well. Due to the pandemic and the unhealthy lifestyle the wolves decided to change something. they quit their jobs and started building their own businesses or invested their money. Just shortly after that they realized that this is the best way to become wealthy. now with the financial possibilities, the only thing stopping them from changing the world to a better place is their social engagement. since they stayed humble, they started to educate others on how to become better.



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